Q&A with Faraz Iqbal, VP of Technology Solutions and Delivery for Naranga


Faraz Iqbal is the VP of Technology Solutions & Delivery for Naranga. Involved in Naranga’s development since its inception, Iqbal offers more than 20 years of expertise in managing software application tools, including the development and delivery of the company’s integrated solutions.

Q: Describe some of the challenges that your franchise customers face on a daily basis?
A: Naranga customers come to us because they are looking for a way to onboard a new franchisee and keep consistent communication with them post on-boarding phase. The development process can be cumbersome, and they want a way for communication to be transparent and accessible, and to ensure that all communication has a record and a conclusion.

Another challenge that our franchise customers face is ensuring brand consistency, especially for multi-location franchises.  They are looking for ways to educate franchisees on proper procedures in a secure way.

One of the last challenges that our franchise customers face is getting franchisees up to speed, quickly and smoothly.  It is important when working with franchises to have a solution that is easy to use and simple

Q: As a franchise grows, what are some growing pains that they see?
A: As franchise customers grow their business, streamlining processes for the existing franchisees starts to become a business challenge.  Once they get the franchisee on board, the goal is to get that franchise to market as quick as possible.  Some of the questions they have are how they can manage franchise operations in a systematic way and onboard franchisees with the proper procedures.  Some do recognize this early on, but many customers come to us when they are in high growth mode and they need a quick, easy-to-use solution to resolve their pain points.

Q: Why are small to medium-sized businesses attracted to Naranga?
A: At Naranga, we work with many different franchises, from small and large, however, typically the small-to-medium sized businesses know they need technology to support the infrastructure before they get too large.  For large businesses, they typically come to us when they have outgrown their technology/technology provider.

Q: Prior to Naranga, what technologies or systems do franchises use to manage their communications?
A: A lot of times franchises use several solutions cobbled together or use a solution that does not encompass all of what they need, so they piecemeal a mix of technology and manual executions to try to support their workflow.

Q: Do you feel that technology is important in growing a franchise? Why?
A: Technology creates a systematic approach to a franchise’s processes.  Technology gives franchises the ability to get a good pulse of the business and to see where there is room for improvement or any calls for action.  This helps franchises when they are onboarding a new franchisee or helping to manage a location from afar.

Q: Why do most companies engage Naranga?
A: Many companies engage Naranga because we have very elegant solutions that are mobile centric and are easy to use and the design matches their work flow needs.  Since our solutions were born out of a business need for a franchise, we have been able to be flexible in creating a technology that can improve business processes and manage growth and scalability.  Our franchise customers love that we can provide them a return on investment.

Q: When franchises look to partner with a third party, what qualities do they look for in that partner?
A: When franchises look for a solution or partner to help manage business challenges, the most important quality they are looking for is support of services.  They are looking for someone who is accessible and can provide consultation on what is going to help their particular business to succeed.

Q: What are some of the unique differentiators that Naranga has that make customers choose them versus other competitors/technology?
A:  Our solutions provide a simple and intuitive user interface which are configurable with no hidden fees.  We take a mobile centric approach to our solutions so clients can manage their business on the go.  Service and Support is very key for us as we make sure clients are top of mind from the sales process all the way to implementation and support.




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Faraz Iqbal serves as the VP for Naranga where he leads all aspects of implementation, delivery and technology solutions.  Prior to Naranga Faraz lead the Global PMO team for Velti (a multi-national mobile marketing company) and has worked in the IT Consulting space where he held various leadership roles and in the online marketing space creating systems that built online user loyalty (notably for the Official NASCAR Membership Club).  Faraz holds a BA in Management Information Systems from Pace University and an MBA in International Business from Fairfield University.  In addition, Faraz holds a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

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